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I'm Leaving

2010-07-17 22:29:34 by Sangasan

Nothing ever happens here, I've been unscouted, and the site is overall pretty lame, setting aside the availability of games, so I'm leaving... BYE!!!


2010-06-02 16:58:43 by Sangasan


damn u newgrounds

2010-05-01 21:50:33 by Sangasan

They took down my stang =[

damn u newgrounds


2010-04-02 17:43:37 by Sangasan

Well, hellz ya, I finished my second requisition and did a great job =P


2010-03-19 15:23:30 by Sangasan

Ugh, fever, sniffles... being sick is gay

I hate some people so much

2010-03-15 15:41:46 by Sangasan

Honestly, I can't stand when people become such jerks and just repeat one uncalled-for insult again and again just to piss me off. Like this retard I didn't even know who kept calling me ignorant, and the butt-sack who kept calling me dumb... go fk yourself man... go fk yourself


2010-03-06 22:38:57 by Sangasan

So, I spent today driving and coloring in ActionSquid's picture, I did a good job if I do say so myself.